Dog owner &/or Trainers

So many dog owners and trainers are underconfident, this affects things from letting dogs off their leads and expecting them to come, to trainers not being confident when dealing with clients.

The techniques within Mindset Matters can help dog owners and trainers alike.

From understanding what's needed to change the way you are thinking and the expectations you have, to techniques to actively work with to build confidence, openness and the change you desire.

Do you want?

To feel brave enough to try new things?

That perfect recall? or simply the confidence to try letting your dog off lead?

Confidence to be heard?

To feel like when you ask for something your dog will listen?

To talk with conviction

To feel hopeful that you can achieve your goals

To be ready for your next step

To aware that you are supported in all that you do

To know you can tap into the energy you need, whenever you need it

To have self belief

To be able to release stress when you feel it building

To know that you are not alone

Do you wish you had the internal conviction to stand up for your dog

You can have it all

Have you ever said?

I feel like I am failing my dog

I just wished I knew what I was doing

I don't know what to do for the best

I feel like a failure

Maybe my dog would be better in a different home

I just want to know everything is going to be ok

I can't do this anymore

I feel so lost

I feel like my dog doesn't listen

I don't feel a connection to my dog

You can change your narrative and write yourself a new story!

Example Curriculum

  What is mindset?
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  The present
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  New Beginnings
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  Building the future
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  The future
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Recognise what blocks are holding you back or unhelpful stories that you tell yourself that keep playing on repeat, feelings or emotions that keep coming up that you would rather didn't.
Learn to use active techniques to remove those blocks, form new and more empowering stories to tell yourself and allow those to then come to fruition and tame emotions and replace those feelings with new ones that move you forward.

Embrace change, the reward for actively understanding that mindset matters and how you are the creator of your life.


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Mindset Matters

Everything you need to know to get the right mindset as a dog owner &/or trainer

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About your teacher

Nina Fotara Dog Trainer & Energy Worker - CTDI, MoPPG, CoA MBSR, ACHUKI, MTUK Instructor, SWUK Instructor, WSDA Blue Instructor & Reiki Master/Teacher

My Background

I have a 12-year background working with dogs. I have worked and competed successfully in a variety of disciplines including competition obedience, field work, tracking, mantrailing, trickwork, scentwork. I am excited to bring to you quality training in tried and tested formats. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher of 15 years and certified teacher of both meditation and mindfulness among many other things.

What I have to offer you

What I know, teach and share comes not only straight from the heart but its foundations are laid in official certifications, sound learning, good practice, continual professional development and time.

Everything I teach I have found useful in my own life and have reaped the benefits of. I only teach what I know works and I only recommend what I truly believe in.

My Mission

To empower owners and dogs through coaching and training. To bring awareness to owners that dogs are energetic beings who need to be recognised as such, using all of my tools my mission is to bring balance to both ends of the lead.