Nina Fotara - Dog Trainer & Canine Energy Worker brings you....

Quality courses to enable you and your dog to lead a more relaxed and enjoyable life together. Building confidence in yourself & your dog, confidence leads to resilience so, even when life delivers knocks, there is more room to bounce back.

Our Confident Canine courses deliver practical training solutions for everyday building of bonds and solving issues. From puppy training the basics like sits, recalls, settles & waits, through tips and tricks to much more complex training exercises.

Coaching for canines & their companions ~ Balancing both ends of the lead

Our Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness courses take things to a whole new and much deeper level, helping you get to know a side of your dog that you never even knew existed. You will never see your dog the same way again but understand them as so much more and work with them in a whole new way!

Creating Connection / Allowing Awareness / Promoting Peace / Supporting Stability

Come on a journey with me and find and create something unexpected and amazing!


My promise to you

* I will listen to what you need

* Provide solutions to your problems

* Support you through your learning

* Cheer for you when things get difficult

* Celebrate your success with you

* Bring you new and exciting challenges

* Change you and your dogs life for the better.


Your Trainer - Nina Fotara

My Background

I have an 12 year background working with dogs. I have worked and competed successfully in a variety of disciplines including competition obedience, field work, tracking, mantrailing, trickwork, scentwork. I am excited to bring to you quality training in tried and tested formats.

In addition I have also been an energy workers for over 14 years working with both people and animals and combining these skills with dog training I am here to help you learn to understand your dog not just from a training and body language perspective but from a much deeper energetic level. I can hand on heart say when you start to appreciate how energy affects your dog and visa versa it will COMPLETELY change the way you live with and train your dog!

What I have to offer you

What I know, teach and share comes not only straight from the heart but its foundations are laid in official certifications, sound learning, good practice, continual professional development and time.

Everything I teach I have found useful in my own life and have reaped the benefits of. I only teach what I know works and I only recommend what I truly believe in.

My Goal

To help you and your dog grow in confidence and find new comfort zones!

Nina Fotara Dog Trainer & Energy Worker MoPPG,CTDI, ACHUKI, Cert Canine Behaviour, Cert Animal Communication, MTUK Instructor, SWUK Instructor, WSDA Blue Instructor & Reiki Master/Teacher, CoA MBSR, Cert Meditation Practitioner/Teacher, Pet Bereavement Counsellor


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